Saturday, January 16, 2010

my self

hi there!
my name is Siti Syakirah Saidi.Just call me syakirah@kira@syaki@besar(hahahah..!!this is my glamour name in my home!)hahahahahah~funny isn't it???
ok.this year is the new year for that i need to study hard and also smart so that i will get the good pointer in my exam..heheheh
there are 7 people in my family;my father Saidi Dikam,my mother Zaiton Sidun,and also my beloved sister Kakak and Kecik and my younger brother Abang and Adik..hehhehe.
there is 5 cat in my beloved cutie cats;Kira,Naruto,sasuke,Hitachi and c MOntok..
they are all siblings..heheeh
I'm living in kg timbang dayang right a villagers i really love the culture in my hometown..
huuu..ok thats all from time I'll tell more about my self..daaaaaa

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